Bill Lewis - Kijoma MD said "It is excellent news that this small group of properties now has a high speed broadband service after such a long and completely unnecesary wait. Unfortunately it was not viable for Kijoma to provide this difficult relay for so few properties without help with the one off costs"

Out of the 5 properties requesting service, 4 are already online and extremely happy to be rid of dial up and slow/expensive satellite at last.

The last place we installed with a small level of properties like this was the hamlet of Hooksway in West Sussex (3 houses and a Pub). This one was however partly funded from Chichester District Council in 2005 and they enjoy our high speed service still.

The council funding in 2005 was a total of £5000 and was to provide Broadband to East Marden, Up Marden, North Marden and Hooksway. This was later extended to Chilgrove and Stoughton.