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Questions about Kijoma and the wireless service

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Q: how can you provide this service if BT cannot?
A: BT primarily are a wireline business with a primary obligation to provide telephone services. This obligation came from when they privatised the GPO as it was called when public.

Other services such as broadband/ADSL are provided by them entirely commercially, or should be at least.

Kijoma is a wireless (not wifi) broadband provider, we specialise in providing high speed broadband and can also do telephone if required. We are not restricted by the ancient infrastructure of phone lines and their limitations.

Kijoma is a small agile company, able to adapt to demand and change a lot faster than a multi million £ international provider.

Kijoma is backed by 20 years+ of professional Radio network and system design , not many , if any? Wireless ISP's have this level of background in military and commercial solution provision and this is what makes us unique.
Q: Can you provide a telephone service too?
A: Yes, if you want to break free from the phone line, dump the line rental, banish the crackly line when it rains, eliminate the wonderful call centre support systems etc.. then ask us how.

Not only can we provide a telephone solution, you can transfer your number to it and it will also be mobile.. wherever you connect to the internet you could have your home or business phone with you.
Q: Surely BT must provide broadband, they have to don't they?
A: A common misconception is that BT are a public company and have got some obligation to provide broadband.

This is False. BT provide broadband commercially in the same way as a shop sells a product. if it isn't profitable to sell it to you then they won't.

Of course as councils/MP's tend not to understand that BT is not a public company then they often decide to use significant sums of public money to try and solve broadband issues by solely considering BT as the answer.

The state of broadband in this country is as bad as it is as a result of this blinkered view over the last decade.
Q: Why have i not received a response to my enquiry, its Monday and i posted it Friday!.. or its been X days etc..
A: Kijoma is a small company, we do not have teams of call centre hens there to answer your queries with generic responses. We also do not use a meaningless auto responder to enquiries.

Weekends and out of office hours are not times you should expect a response from us, this is not to say one will not come though.

We receive a lot of enquiries from all over the country every day, as a result we do have to sort them into a priority list. Existing coverage area enquiries come first etc..

Response to enquiries may take days or weeks and some may not get a response for months as a result. We can only apologise for this.

To answer all the enquiries would require some more full time staff just to perform this. the cost would currently impinge on our ability to maintain our investment in the goal of being the fastest Wireless ISP in the country and to also support our existing customer base who come first always.
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